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How to get started with care of target?

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If you’re wondering what care of target is, it’s basically a way to manage your health care needs before you need them. It might sound futuristic, but the idea behind care of target is that with a little bit of advanced planning, you can take some of the worry and uncertainty out of managing your health care.

The first step in getting started with care of target? Find a primary care physician. This person will be your base station for all other care and can help get you started with the process. Once you have a doctor, your next step is figuring out what kind of insurance coverage you have. Depending on what plan type you have, there may be different steps to take in order to get set up with care of target (ex: if your insurance company requires pre-approval). However, there are also plans that offer automated enrollment options. You’ll want to find which option is best for your situation and go from there!


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