Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in Hindi PDF Download


Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in Hindi PDF Download, As somebody who can’t recognize a stotram from a samosa, I never thought I’d discover myself investigating Shiva’s move of destruction.

Yet here I am, a slave to the calculations, on a journey to track down the complete verses of the Shiv Tandav Stotram. This 16th-century tribute to the Hindu god Shiva’s control is all the seethe these days. At slightest that’s what my focused on advertisements let me know as they attempt to offer me everything from reflection withdraws to Ganges Stream travels.

Not one to let the fear of the obscure hold me back from an energizing modern experience, I dove into the profundities of the web to discover the verses to this old Hindu psalm. Small did I know I was in for a wild ride over landmasses and centuries, all from the comfort of my love seat.

Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in Hindi PDF Download

Turns out Shiva’s move could be a part more complicated than the Macarena. Who knew? Connect me as I explore the expressive landmines and share the Shiv Tandav Stotram verses here in all their eminence. The secrets of the universe may not be uncovered, but at the slightest, we’ll be able to murmur beside the most recent viral chant.

What Is the Shiv Tandav Stotram?

The Shiv Tandav Stotram is a hymn of praise to Shiva, sung by Ravana. Ravana wanted to lift Kailash Parvat, so he prayed to Shiva for strength. Shiva granted him the boon, but then Ravana wanted to test his newfound power and tried lifting the mountain. Bad idea. Shiva got ticked off and pressed down with his toe, trapping Ravana underneath.

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Realizing he was toast, Ravana composed and sang the Shiv Tandav Stotram to appease the Big Guy. Shiva, being the chill dude he is, forgave Ravana and freed him. ###Lesson learned: don’t mess with the in-laws.

This song is all about Shiva’s control and wonderfulness. It celebrates his tandava, the overwhelming move of devastation in which the universe is made, protected, and broken up. The psalm utilizes a wealthy, reminiscent dialect to communicate Shiva’s sheer magnificence and might.

He’s called the three-eyed one, the blue-throated god who holds the Ganges in his hair. The song acclaims his tangled locks, the bow moon on his head, and the snakes around his neck. It celebrates his trishul or trident, the damaru or drum that makes the cadence of life, and his dwelling place within the Himalayas.

By and large, the Shiv Tandav Stotram may be an idyllic magnum opus that permits us, simple mortals, to get a handle on the heavenliness of Shiva – in the case it was for the length of 16 verses. No, ponder Shiva let Ravana off the snare for this one. I’d say composing this psalm was one of the more brilliant things Ravana did in his checkered career.

The Meaning and Significance of the Shiv Tandav Stotram

Being a long-lasting lover of the awesome Master Shiva, I can appreciate the control and meaning behind the Shiv Tandav Stotram.

As Shiva moves, His drumbeat echoes through the sky, ###causing the mountains and soil herself to tremble in dread. The rough developments of His tangled locks scatter the stars within the sky, and His searing look burns the god of cherish. Essentially, when Shiva starts cutting, you know the party’s approximately to induce destruction.

For us mortals, the Tandava delineates the cycle of creation and devastation. Shiva’s move keeps up the cadence of the universe – when He stops, the universe ceases to exist. The Stotram may be an update that whereas Shiva can be a drive of passing and obliteration, He too recovers and reproduces. From His move of pulverization emerges unused creation.

Whether you are a researcher looking for otherworldly illumination or fair somebody who appreciates throbbing reverential music, the Shiv Tandav Stotram has something for you. All accost the Master of Move, destroyer of universes, ace of Tandava! Let the beat drop.

Full Lyrics of the Shiv Tandav Stotram in Hindi

When it comes to the complete verses of the Shiv Tandav Stotram, I need to concede I was a bit overpowered, to begin with. This song committed to Master Shiva contains 16 verses and over 150 lines of Sanskrit content. As an English speaker, Sanskrit might as well be Greek to me—I can’t make heads or tails of the Devanagari script. But with the assistance of interpretations and transliterations, indeed we uninitiated can appreciate the control and excellence of this store.

The Shiv Tandav Stotram was composed by Ravana, the king of Lanka. Legend has it that Ravana appeased Lord Shiva with his penance and devotion, so much so that Shiva granted him a boon of indestructibility. Emboldened, Ravana began creating havoc in the three worlds. The devas pleaded with Shiva to rescind the boon, so Shiva appeared before Ravana as a mendicant and challenged him to lift his little finger. Ravana easily lifted it, but then Shiva placed his big toe on the ground, and Ravana was unable to lift it. Realizing he had been outwitted, Ravana composed and sang the Shiv Tandav Stotram in praise of Shiva to regain his favor.

It depicts everything from Shiva’s tangled locks and the bow moon decorating his head to his jewelry of skulls and trident in hand. The stotra passes on Shiva’s authority over both creation and annihilation through his tandava move. Perusing the verses, I can visualize Shiva’s overwhelming, furious developments as he moves inside my intellect. What a locate that must be!

Even with my limited understanding, the Shiv Tandav Stotram has captured my imagination. The next time I need divine intervention, I may just recite a few verses from this stotra and hope Lord Shiva takes notice and grants me my special boon. A girl can dream!

The Move of Devastation

The tandava is Shiva’s move of devastation. As Ravana saw this enchanted move, he was so delighted that he composed and sang this song suddenly. The verses celebrate Shiva’s vigor, beauty, and control as the destroyer of the fiendish.

  • Some lines that stick out to me are:
  • “When You dance, the whole universe dances with You.”
  • “The trembling of Your drum beats makes the world reverberate.”
  • “Your matted locks wildly tossing around, look like dark rain clouds.”

The hymn is meant to evoke the power and mysticism of Shiva’s dance. Reading through the lyrics, I can visualize Shiva, with his matted hair and trident, stomping and swirling in a divine frenzy.

So the following time,e I’m confronting troublesome changes in my possess life, I’ll think of Shiva’s move and discover comfort, knowing rebirth and development can come after the devastation. There’s a common arrangement to the universe, both wonderful and terrifying, that we must yield to.

The Authorship of the Shiv Tandav Stotram

So who wrote this epic poem in praise of the cosmic dance of Shiva? The short answer is, we don’t know. It’s been attributed to Ravana, the king of Lanka, but some scholars think it was composed by the 9th-century poet Pushpadanta.

Ravana, the Ten-Headed Demon King

According to legend, Ravana was a devout Shiva bhakta (devotee) who composed the Shiv Tandav Stotram to appease Shiva after he lost his kingdom in a wager. Shiva was so impressed with Ravana’s ode to his tandava dance that he restored Ravana’s kingdom. Nice try, but I’m skeptical. I mean, Ravana was no slouch in the ego department. Would he pen something in praise of another deity’s prowess and power over him? Call me cynical but that doesn’t quite add up.

Pushpadanta, the Poetic Prodigy

My money’s on Pushpadanta, the supposed author of the Sanskrit epic Shiva Mahima Stotra. This guy was a literary legend who composed hymns and stotras to Shiva by the truckload. The Shiv Tandav Stotram is strikingly similar in style, theme, and structure to Pushpadanta’s other works. The stanzas describing the wild, frenzied dance of Shiva read like Pushpadanta’s signature style.

I’m guessing some enterprising bhakta, long after Pushpadanta lived, attributed this poem to the famous Ravana to give it more street cred. It’s the classical Indian equivalent of dropping a legendary name to get more buzz. I could be wrong, but my gut tells me the Shiv Tandav Stotram was Pushpadanta’s brainchild, not Ravana’s. The truth may be lost to the sands of time, but for my money, I’m putting it on Pushpadanta until proven otherwise.

Download the Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics PDF

Alright, let’s talk about getting your hands on the full Shiv Tandav Stotram lyrics. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for memorizing 16 stanzas of Sanskrit poetry. My brain has enough trouble remembering where I left my keys.

Download the PDF Already

  • Just download the PDF – it’s free, it’s easy, and you can reference it anytime you feel like channeling your inner Shiva. Here are the deets:
  • Head to or search for “Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics PDF”
  • Find the link to download the PDF file. As of writing this, it’s a bright red button that says “Download Now” – pretty hard to miss.
  • Open the PDF and behold – the complete Shiv Tandav Stotram lyrics in all their glory. Read, chant, or just admire the poetic mastery. I won’t judge.
  • Consider making extra duplicates as a safeguard – you never know after you might ought to suddenly reference the verses. Wouldn’t need to be caught without them!

See, that wasn’t so terrible, was it? Some clicks and you’ve got everything you wish to unleash your internal Shiva at domestic. No got to scour the web or attempt in unsuccessful to discover an interpretation that produces sense. The PDF has you secured. Presently go forward and chant with certainty, my companions! Fair do me a favor – keep the moving and trident-waving to a least, will you? I fair cleaned the floors.

Reciting the Shiv Tandav Stotram – Tips and Benefits

So you want to recite the Shiv Tandav Stotram? Well, aren’t you ambitious? This hymn of praise dedicated to Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance is no joke. But if you’re determined to give it a go, I have some tips to share from my attempts at tackling this Sanskrit mouthful.

Practice pronunciation.

The Shiv Tandav Stotram is in Sanskrit, and if you don’t know the language, the words can twist your tongue into a pretzel. Listen to audio recordings, work with a teacher, and do whatever it takes to get comfortable with the pronunciations before reciting in front of others. Unless you want to become a laughingstock, that is.

Chant it regularly.

Like all melodies or sonnets, redundancy is key. Chant the stotram every day, at the same time on the off chance that conceivable. Muscle memory will begin to kick in, and the words will roll off your tongue sometime recently you know it. Furthermore, the vibrations are said to have a calming impact, so rewarding!

Center on the meaning.

It’s simple to induce caught up in fair articulating the words accurately but keep in mind the meaning and symbolism behind the verses. Visualize Ruler Shiva’s move as you recount for the complete involvement. The storm is meant to evoke the control and excellence of this divine move – if it’s not doing that, you simply require more hone!

Musical Versions and Recordings of the Shiv Tandav Stotram

There have been quite a few musical versions and recordings of the Shiv Tandav Stotram over the years. As a lifelong devotee of Lord Shiva, I’ve made it my mission to track down and listen to as many as humanly possible.

The Hindu Devotional Versions

These tend to be, shall we say, rather melodramatic. Lots of wailing vocals, chanting, and liberal use of tabla, sitar, and assorted percussion. Perfect for going into a trance and summoning your inner ascetic, not so much for casual listening while driving. Unless you want to scare your passengers half to death, in which case, crank up the Bhajans!

The Heavy Metal Renditions

Now we’re talking. Shredded guitar riffs, thundering drums, angsty vocals shredding their throats screaming the stotram lyrics. Surprisingly (or not) there are quite a few of these. My personal favorite is by the Indian metal band Kryptos, but Bloodywood and Rudraksha also do blistering covers.

There are dance, electronic, reggae, and even hip-hop versions of the stotram. Some are cringe, some are catchy, and all are curious cultural mashups. Bengali singer Papon did a rather dreamy chill step remix. Trance vocalist JV did a thumping EDM trance track. And Bombay Bassment’s take featuring rapper Dopeadelicz is just straight-up bizarre.

While musical interpretations of sacred Hindu texts may raise some eyebrows, I think Lord Shiva, the god of destruction and transformation, would approve of these innovative incarnations of his storied stotram. As for me, I’ll keep searching SoundCloud and YouTube for the next hypnotic, head-banging, or just plain strange version of this timeless hymn. The Tandav dance continues!

Shiv Tandav Stotram FAQs – Common Questions Answered

So you want to know more about this mystic Shiv Tandav Stotram, eh? You’ve come to the right place. As an expert in all things Shiva (okay, maybe just an enthusiast), I’m here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this powerful hymn.

What does “Shiv Tandav Stotram” mean?

“Shiv Tandav Stotram” literally means “Hymn to Shiva’s Dance of Destruction”. Catchy title, right?

Who wrote the Shiv Tandav Stotram?

The Shiv Tandav Stotram was composed by Ravana, the king of Lanka. Yes, that Ravana – the villain from the Ramayana epic. Turns out he was a Shiva devotee in his spare time. Go figure.

Why is the Shiv Tandav Stotram important?

Chanting or tuning in to its capable verses is said to be if you don’t mind Shiva and allow the lover otherworldly edification and moksha (freedom). Huge claims, but Shiva is the destroyer of obliviousness and figment, after all.

When is the Shiv Tandav Stotram recited?

The Shiv Tandav Stotram is traditionally recited during the festival of Mahashivratri, which honors Shiva. It is also recited on Mondays, which are dedicated to Shiva, or during Shivaratri vets or fasts. Some devotees incorporate it into their daily puja or prayer ritual as well.

जटा -टवी -गलज्-जल-प्रवा ह-पा वि -तस्थले
गलेऽव-लम्ब्य लम्बि तां भुजङ्ग-तुङ्ग-मा लि का म्।
डमड्-डमड्-डमड्-डमन्-नि ना द-वड्-डमर्वयं
चका र चण्ड-ता ण्डवं तनो तु नः शि वः शि वम्।।१।।
जटा -कटा ह-सम्भ्रम-भ्रमन्-नि लि म्प नि र्झरी –
वि लो ल-वी चि -वल्लरी -वि रा ज-मा न मूर्धनि ।
धगज्-ज्वलल्-लला ट-पट्ट पा वके
कि शो र-चन्द्र-शेखरे रतिः प्रति -क्षणं मम।।२।।
धरा -धरेन्द्र-नन्दि नी -वि ला स-बन्धु बन्धुर-
दि गन्त-सन्तति -प्रमो द-मा न मा नसे।
कृपा -कटा क्ष-धो रणी -नि रुद्ध-दुर्धरा -पदि
क्वचि द्-
दि गम्बरे मनो वि नो द-मेतु वस्तुनि ।।३।।
जटा -भुजङ्ग-पि ङ्गल-स्फुरत्-फणा मणि -प्रभा –
कदम्ब-कुङ्कुम-द्रव-प्रलि प्त-दि ग्वधू-मुखे।
मदा न्ध-सि न्धुर-स्फुरत्-त्वगुत्त-री य-मेदुरे
मनो वि नो द-मद्भुतं
तंबि भर्तु भूत-भर्तरि ।।४।।
सहस्र-लो चन-प्रभृत्य-शेष-लेख-शेखर
प्रसून-धूलि -धो रणी -वि धू-सरा ङ्घ्रि -पी ठभूः ।
भुजङ्ग-रा ज-मा लया नि बद्ध-जा ट-जूटक:
श्रि यै चि रा य जा यतां चको र-बन्धु-शेखरः ।।५।।
लला ट-चत्वर-ज्वलद्-
धनञ्जय-स्फुलि ङ्गभा –
नि पी त-पञ्च-सा यकं नमन्-
नि लि म्प-ना यकम्।
सुधा -मयूख-लेखया वि रा ज-मा न-शेखरं
महा -कपा लि सम्पदे शि रो जटा ल-मस्तु नः ।।६।।
करा ल-भा ल-पट्टि का -धगद्-
धनञ्जया -हुती -कृत-प्रचण्ड-पञ्च-सा यके।
धरा -धरेन्द्र-नन्दि नी -कुचा ग्र-चि त्र-पत्रक-
प्रकल्प-नैक-शि ल्पि नि त्रि लो चने रति र्मम।।७।।
नवी न-मेघ-मण्डली -नि रुद्ध-दुर्धर-स्फुरत्-
कुहू-नि शी थि नी -तमः -प्रबन्ध-बद्ध-कन्धरः ।
नि लि म्प-नि र्झरी -धरस्-तनो तु कृत्ति -सि न्धुरः
कला -नि धा न-बन्धुरः श्रि यं जगद्-
धुरन्धरः ।।८।।

प्रफुल्ल-नी ल-पङ्कज-प्रपञ्च-का लि म-प्रभा –
वलम्बि -कण्ठ-कन्दली -रुचि -प्रबद्ध-कन्धरम्।
स्मरच्छि दं पुरच्छि दं भवच्छि दं मखच्छि दं
गजच्छि -दा न्ध-कच्छि दं तमन्त-कच्छि दं भजे।।९।।
अखर्व-सर्व-मङ्गला -कला -कदम्ब मञ्जरी –
रस-प्रवा ह-मा धुरी -वि जृम्भणा -मधु-धुव्रतम्।
स्मरा न्तकं पुरा न्तकं भवा न्तकं मखा न्तकं
गजा न्त-का न्ध-का न्तकं तमन्त-का न्तकं भजे।।१०।।
जयत्-वदभ्र-वि भ्रम-भ्रमद्-द्
भुजङ्ग मश्वस-
द्वि नि र्गमत्-क्रम-स्फुरत्-करा ल-भा ल-हव्य-वा ट्
धि मि द्-द्
धि मि द्-द्
धि मि द्-द्
ध्वनि -क्रम-प्रवर्ति त-प्रचण्ड-ता ण्डवः शि वः ।।११।।
वि चि त्र-तल्पयो र्-र्
भुजङ्ग-मौ क्ति -कस्रजो र्-र्
गरि ष्ठ-रत्न-लो ष्ठयोः सुहृद्-द्
वि पक्ष-पक्ष-योः ।
तृणा रवि न्द-चक्षुषोः प्रजा -मही -महेन्द्रयोः
सम-प्रवृत्ति -कः कदा सदा -शि वं भजा म्यहम्।।१२।।
कदा नि लि म्प-नि र्झरी -नि कुञ्ज-को टरे वसन्
वि मुक्त-दुर्मतिः सदा शि रः स्थ-मञ्जलिं वहन्।
वि लो ल-लो ल-लो चनो लला म-भा ल-लग्नकः
शि वेति मन्त्र मुच्चरन् कदा सुखी भवा म्यहम्।।१३।।
नि लि म्प ना थ-ना गरी कदम्ब मौ ल-मल्लि का –
नि गुम्फ-नि र्भक्षरन्म धूष्णि का -मनो हरः ।
तनो तु नो मनो -मुदं वि नो दि नीं -महर्नि शं
परि श्रय परं पदं तदङ्ग-जत्वि षां चयः ।।१४।।
प्रचण्ड वा डवा -नल प्रभा -शुभ-प्रचा रणी
महा ष्ट-सि द्धि -का मि नी जना व-हूत जल्पना ।
वि मुक्त वा म लो चनो वि वा ह-का लि क-ध्वनिः
शि वेति मन्त्र-भूषगो जगज्-जया य जा यता म्।।१५।।
इमं हि नि त्य-मेव-मुक्त-मुत्त-मो त्तमं स्तवं
पठन् स्मरन् ब्रुवन्-नरो वि शुद्धि -मेति सन्ततम्।
हरे गुरौ सुभक्ति -मा शु या ति ना न्यथा गतिं
वि मो हनं हि देहि नां सुशङ्करस्य चि न्तनम्।।१६।।
पूजा -वसा न-समये दश-वक्त्र-गी तं
यः शम्भु-पूजन-परं पठति प्रदो षे।षे
तस्य स्थि रां रथ-गजेन्द्र-तुरङ्ग-युक्तां
लक्ष्मीं सदैव सुमुखिं प्रददा ति शम्भुः ।।१७।।

How can I learn the Shiv Tandav Stotram?

The most effortless way is to tune in to one of the numerous sound adaptations openly accessible on YouTube or a musmusic-gushingnefit. Once you get to be recognizable with the song, you’ll be able to take after at the side the verses in Hindi and English. With normal tuning in and recitation, the 16 verses of this psalm will get be committed to memory. nor ance an,d figment, after all.

The complete lyrics of this classic devotional hymn are dedicated to the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. I hope reading through the poetry and symbolism of the Shiv Tandav Stotram has brought you a few moments of peace, inspiration, or connection with the divine.

As for me, my time translating these sacrosanct verses has concluded. I’m off to mull over the interminable riddles of life over a hot container of chai and a couple of dozen gulab jamuns. The divine beings can be requested, but they beyond any doubt know how to compensate their lovers. On the off chance that you’ll pardon me, I have a date with greatness and a sugar coma. Om Namah Shivaya!


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