Thandiwe Newton Reportedly Separating From Husband Ol Parker

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Thandiwe Newton, the actress, and model who was born in South Africa but now lives in Los Angeles have reportedly separated from her husband of 24 years Ol Parker after they had to abruptly leave the set of Magic Mike 3 due to an alleged bust-up with Channing Tatum.

Thandiwe Newton is separating from their husband of 24 years OL PARKER and heading to rehab after exiting Magic Mike 3 amid claims of a bust-up with Channing Tatum. The 36-year-old Oscar nominee – who has been married to British director Ol, 51, since 1999 – recently left.

‘Magic Mike 3’ due to a reported fight with her spouse and her future role in ‘Ready Player One is reportedly being reviewed. A source told The Sun Online: Thandiwe confided in Channing that she was unhappy in her marriage.

An insider also claimed to MailOnline that Thandiwe – who has starred in movies such as ‘Maleficent’, ‘Big Fat Liar’ and ‘Black Mass – had found a new love interest. This news comes after Thandiwe allegedly split from her husband last year but they managed to work through their issues.

The Hollywood star had previously revealed how important it was for couples to work on their relationships because it’s not easy trying to find a balance between professional and personal lives. She said: It’s hard because you’re not living in a vacuum.

There are so many things going on at once, whether it’s family or whatever. You have to put some energy into keeping those things strong. Meanwhile, sources claim that producers decided to cut her out of Magic Mike 3 because she had trouble showing up. Sources told Page Six:

She wanted out of the movie and would show up late or not at all … On one occasion she didn’t show up at all. While Thandiwe is yet to publicly comment on these reports, fans are already flocking to social media to discuss her recent break-up. One wrote: We love you guys! All my best wishes. Another added: I’m very sorry about your separation guys but I know everything will be fine!

Magic Mike Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker

Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker is separating from their husband of 24 years Ol Parker and heading to rehab, according to a new report. Magic Mike Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker broke Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker and husband of 24 years Ol Parker’s marriage by calling off their divorce due to a possible pregnancy.

TMZ reported Tuesday. According to Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker, Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker was planning on filing for divorce from their husband of 24 years Magic Mike Thandiwe Newton (his name is Ol Parker, for Christ’s sake) when she discovered that Magic Mike may have been unfaithful — with his ex-wife Sarah Trigger!

The personification of dead snake eyes, as she has affectionately been called in our office! Magic Mike Thandiwe Newton has since moved out of her home and Magic Mike Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker.

As such, there’s no word yet on how long it will take for Magic Mike Thandiwe Newton Ol Parker to kick drugs or if Magic Mike will rejoin Magic Mike 3 once he or she does so. We’ll update you further as more information becomes available. Magic Mike 3, which also stars Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer, will be released next year.

Thandiwe Newton Reportedly Separating From Husband Ol Parker

Reportedly Separating From Husband Ol Parker The actress and dancer, who played ‘Dreamcatcher’ in Magic Mike alongside Channing Tatum, will be taking a break from acting to deal with personal issues.

According to TMZ, Newton’s husband of 24 years Ol Parker is also involved in show business as a director. However, he has decided that it would be best if they separated while she attends rehab. A source allegedly told Us Weekly: [Thandiwe] is spending time away from her husband and child while she gets help.

While no specific reason for Newton’s addiction has been revealed. This is not Thandiwe’s first marriage though. She was previously married to Adam Shulman but they got divorced in 2013 after being together for five years.

This news comes after Newton took some time off from filming Magic Mike 3 over claims of a bust-up with co-star Channing Tatum. Last month, Page Six reported that she had quit due to a tense situation on set – though representatives for both stars denied any such incident occurred.

Another insider claimed at the time: It wasn’t about work or him, adding, It was something else. During an interview with E! last year, Newton said of working with Tatum: I feel like we’re close friends and there’s a trust between us.

We’re always pushing each other … He helped me become more confident on-screen because when you’re dancing like that you want to be comfortable so you can go all out. That came through in Magic Mike XXL where I think my performance was better than Magic Mike because I felt more relaxed…and Channing is great at bringing out those feelings in people.

though there have been rumors about them having some sort of falling out since then, reports claim that everything between them has now smoothed over completely. Insiders say everything went back to normal between them after her one-day absence from shooting.

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