Unholy Lyrics Full PDF: The Definitive Guide


Unholy Lyrics Full PDF. As a kid, my musical tastes were shaped by the Christian rock and praise music my parents only allowed in the house. I yearned for something with a bit more grit and angst. Little did I know a whole world of unholy lyrics and chords was out there, just waiting to corrupt my impressionable mind.

Now as an adult with a penchant for the profane in music, I’ve compiled this definitive guide to all the unholy lyrics and chords your mother warned you about. From Ozzy to Eminem, Manson to Mötley Crüe, there’s a veritable buffet of the blasphemous, vulgar, and downright nasty. I’ve dug through decades of songs to find the absolute filthiest of the filthy – you’re welcome.

Unholy Lyrics Full PDF: The Definitive Guide

So plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and dive into this unholy hymnal with me…if you dare. Our descent into musical depravity begins now. Introducing the Smash Hit “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras

When “Unholy” dropped, I couldn’t get enough of it. Sam Smith and Kim Petras slayed this goth-pop collaboration. As an irreverent lyrical connoisseur, I had to dive into what makes the unholy lyrics and chords of this smash hit so damn catchy.

The Melody

The minor keys and haunting melody hook you right in. It has a “spooky scary skeletons” vibe that sticks with you. Kim Petras’ higher register in the chorus provides a perfect counterpoint to Sam Smith’s rich lower register. Chef’s kiss

Religious Imagery

References to crosses, sacrificial tables, and cathedrals flourish. The verses investigate taboo cherish and revel in so-called “unholy” acts. References to immaculateness, giving up and sin get beautiful hot. In case you’re into heretical suggestiveness, “Unholy” conveys.

Dynamic Duo

Sam Smith and Kim Petras have amazing vocal chemistry. Their voices blend in harmony, then diverge into a call and response. When Kim Petras hits those high notes, it gives me chills. Sam Smith’s soulful tone adds depth. They’re a match made in musical heaven (or hell?).

Catchy Chords

The chords keep you guessing. They start simple but build in complexity with unexpected transitions. Just when you think you’ve figured out the pattern, they throw in another twist. Whether you’re a music theory nerd or just enjoy a good pop song, the chords keep it interesting.

With its outrageous verses, gothic vibes, and energetic team, “Unholy” wins its title. In case you’re searching for a delightfully contemptuous melody to urge stuck in your head, see no encouragement. Presently in case you’ll pardon me, I have a few unholy acts of my possess to enjoy.

Breaking Down the “Unholy” Lyrics

When it comes to unholy verses, Marilyn Manson is the undisputed ruler. I ought to know, I developed up tuning in to his tirades against organized religion and social standards. His 1996 song of devotion “Antichrist Superstar” may be a prime case of his signature contemptuous fashion.

  • The song opens with “The world spreads its legs for another star…America’s dream, an ironic death wish.” ###Manson wastes no time offending conservatives and patriots with this metaphorical mic drop. He then launches into proclamations like “I am the God of F***” and “Everyone will suffer now.” Quite the charmer, that Manson.
  • The refrain pronounces “I’m the Antichrist, I’m the Antichrist, I’m the Antichrist, I’m the Antichrist.” Fair in case you missed it the primary three times. By the conclusion of the melody, you’re either a given Mansonite or quickly looking for the “off” switch.
  • Cherish him or abhor him, Manson has carved out a specialty as rock’s most noticeable Antichrist. His unholy verses and onstage tricks have started contention and call for censorship for decades. But Manson proceeds to lecture his gospel of distinction and anti-conformity to armies of fans, myself included. Salute Manson!

The Meaning Behind the Provocative Verses

The verses of “Unholy” are implied to incite and thrust boundaries. As the lyricist, I pointed to an insidious contemptuousness that produces you think, “Did they truly fair say that?”

Religion and Sin

Lines like “The priest is preaching, while I’m in the pew reaching for your knee” and “We’re going to hell, might as well make it worth the trip” are meant to stir discomfort in the listener through sacrilegious suggestions. Mention of “unholy” acts, the “devil’s dance,” and asking for “absolution” push this theme to an extreme.


At its center, “Unholy” may be a defiant song of devotion around grasping one’s dull side. It’s a call to “ toss absent your virtues” and “break a few rules.” The general message is to shed one’s hindrances and appropriateness in favor of more primal inclinations and interests. This soul of subversion and resistance amplifies to devout, social, and sexual standards for the greatest effect.

In rundown, the verses of “Unholy” utilize devout, sexual, and defiant subjects in an overstated, showy way to inspire a response. The tune points to thrust socially acknowledged guidelines of respectability through intentionally provocative and subversive allegories and recommendations. And based on the beginning offended responses, I’d say it hit its check. My bad…or maybe, my “Unholy.”

Printable “Unholy” Verses PDF Download

Okay, you rebels without a cause, tune in. Do you need the unholy verses to corrupt your receptive intellect? I’ve got what you wish for.

The devil’s within the subtle elements, so I’ve compiled the unholy verses for you in an easy-to-print PDF. Consider it my blessing to you. A small light perusing for your bent soul.

Download it, print it, write the verses within the edges, spill bourbon on the pages, and do what you’ll. These unholy verses were made to be debased. Consider it my blessing to you, you hopeless rapscallions.

A few tips before you dive into the depths of iniquity:

  • •Learn to appreciate the art of the double entendre and sly metaphor. The best unholy lyrics often have hidden meanings and references that would sail right over the heads of the moral majority.
  • •Pay attention to rhythm, rhyme, and meter. Unholy lyrics have a musicality all their own, even without the chords and melody. Read them aloud to get the full effect.
  • •Consider the context. Some unholy lyrics have shock value because they subvert the expectations of their musical genre or period. Understanding the context helps you appreciate their deliciously defiant nature.
  • •Don’t be afraid to laugh at the absurdity. The over-the-top blasphemy and hedonism found in some unholy lyrics can be so extreme that the only sane reaction is to laugh. And then maybe feel a little guilty about it.
  • •Memorize and recite your favorites. Some unholy lyrics just beg to be given the power of speech.

Alright you sinners and scoffers, you have your unholy lyrics. Now go forth and corrupt! But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  • Learn the Chords for “Unholy” – Guitar and Piano
  • Learning the chords for “Unholy” isn’t for the faint of heart. This song requires some
  • serious finger gymnastics if you want to play along. As an aspiring rock god, I’ve sacrificed
  • many calluses in the name of this unholy anthem.
  • Guitar
  • standard open chords. We’re talking barre chords up and down the fretboard. To play the
  • signature riff, you’ve got to barre the 2nd fret, then slide up to the 5th. My tender fingertips weep
  • at the memory.
  • Once your fingers have gone numb, the chorus is a breeze. Just strum E, A, and D. The real fun
  • starts again on the bridge. You’ll be barre-ing the 7th, 10th, and 12th frets like a rockstar wannabe on a
  • mission. By the end of the song, your left hand will be cramping something fierce, but the
  • Piano

If the guitar isn’t your jam, the piano chords are more forgiving. The verse chords are E, A, and D, played in the bass octave. For extra drama, use your right hand to play octaves in the midrange.

The chorus is the same three chords, so once you’ve got that part down, you’re golden.

The piano bridge takes it up an octave to E, A, and D in a higher register. Pay attention to the timing of the pauses and dramatic builds. With the sustain pedal down, those top octaves will ring

out like the bells of doom.

By the end of the song, your ears will be ringing from the unholy sounds you’ve summoned from

the depths of musical darkness. You are now ready to take your place among the dark priests of rock.

Your initiation into the “Unholy” coven is complete. Rock on!

Sing Along to “Unholy” With Lyrics and Chords

Join me, won’t you, in a rousing sing-along of “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing the lyrics and chords for your musical pleasure. You’re welcome.

Verse 1

The drinks flow, the music’s loud,

The beat pounds me to the ground

Eyes meet, we’re dancing close,

The way you move puts me in a trance

I know this song by heart, I start to sing along

We lock eyes, the chemistry is strong

The music fades away, it’s just you and me

I whisper in your ear, “Wanna get out of here?”

(Am) Ooh we shouldn’t be doing this

(E7) No, no we really shouldn’t be doing this

(Am) Ooh we shouldn’t be doing this

(E7) No, no we really shouldn’t be (G) doing (D) this

We stumble out of the club, into the empty street

The night is young, and so are we

Your place or mine? The choice is made

We’re in the back of the cab, hands start to roam

I probably shouldn’t say this,

but you’re coming home with me

We’re kissing in the taxi,

I’m touching you, you’re touching me

(Am) Ooh we shouldn’t be doing this

(E7) No, no we really shouldn’t be doing this

(Am) Ooh we shouldn’t be doing this

(E7) No, no we really shouldn’t be (G)doing (D) this

The Hitmakers: Getting to Know Sam Smith and Kim Petras

To understand the unholy music of Sam Smith and Kim Petras, you have to understand where they came from. Sam Smith is the saddest man in pop music. His breakout hit “Stay With Me” is a prime example of his forlorn ballads about lost love and longing for connection. As a chubby gay kid from England, Sam knows a thing or two about not fitting in. His music is for all nonconformists and broken hearts.

Kim Petras, on the other hand, developed as a trans pop princess. At age 12, she got to be one of the most youthful individuals to experience sex affirmation surgery. Presently she’s overcoming the music world on her claim terms. Her bubblegum pop melodies all almost feel hot, certain, and carefree. Music is her frame of idealism and her way of spreading inspiration.

Somehow, these two very different artists came together to create the unholy spawn that is “Unholy.” The song is a deliciously dark pop track about a twisted romance. Sam’s mournful vocals pair perfectly with Kim’s sugary sweetness.

“Unholy” shows that opposites do attract. While Sam and Kim emerged from very different places, their shared experiences of not belonging led them to find common ground.

The Virality of “Unholy” on TikTok and Social Media

The virality of “Unholy” on TikTok and other social media platforms has been nothing short of a phenomenon. The song’s sinister yet catchy tune and controversial lyrics seem custom-made for short-form video sharing.

Within days of its release, TikTokers were choreographing spooky dances to “Unholy” and dueting with their ‘evil twins.’ The #UnholyChallenge took off, with people transforming into their unholy alter egos.
Fans Get Creative

Fans got creative with the “unholy” theme, filming sketches of demonic possessions, cult rituals, and goth makeovers. Some posted “ Unholy” inspired makeup tutorials, teaching viewers how to achieve an ‘underworldly’ look. The hashtag #UnholyMakeup now has over 200 million views.

TikTok duets featuring good vs. evil twins performing side-by-side to “Unholy” were particularly popular. In one video with 12 million likes, TikToker @mackenziezeiler first appears with minimal makeup and loose, flowing clothing, innocently lip-synching the lyrics. She then ‘transforms’ into her unholy counterpart, wearing dramatic smoky eye makeup and a leather corset, and aggressively lip-synching the track.
Going Viral

Your Most Common “Unholy” Lyrics and Chords Questions Answered

So you want to write unholy lyrics and compose creepy chord progressions, do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As an aspiring writer of sinister songs myself, I’ve faced many of the same questions.

What makes lyrics “unholy”?

Lyrics that reference taboo topics like Satanism, witchcraft, murder, or suicide are typically considered unholy. Mentioning demons, beasts or otherworldly creatures is a quick way to give your lyrics an unhallowed vibe.

That said, unholy lyrics don’t necessarily need to be about devils and sacrifice. You can achieve an unholy effect using dark, disturbing, or morbid themes and imagery related to humanity’s baser instincts.

How do I compose creepy chord progressions?

Minor chords, dissonant intervals, and ominous rhythms are your friends here. Experiment with progressions that descend chromatically or avoid resolving to the tonic. Incorporate tritones, diminished chords, and other dissonant intervals to create tension. Slow, repetitive rhythms or syncopation can make listeners uneasy. Listen to other creepy songs for inspiration!

[00:00.03]Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
[00:02.85]At the body shop
[00:04.60]Doing something unholy
[00:09.00]Lucky, lucky girl (Ooh)
[00:12.63]Lucky, lucky girl (Yeah, yeah)
[00:16.52]Lucky, lucky girl (Uh)
[00:19.97]Lucky, lucky girl
[00:21.26]A lucky, lucky girl
[00:23.55]She got married to a boy like you
[00:27.06]She’d kick you out if she ever, ever knew
[00:30.95]’Bout all the **** you tell me that you do
[00:36.27]Dirty, dirty boy
[00:38.10]You know everyone is talkin’ on the scene
[00:41.68]I hear them whisperin’ ’bout the places that you’ve been
[00:45.31]And how you don’t know how to keep your business clean
[00:50.90]Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
[00:54.08]At the body shop
[00:55.67]Doin’ somethin’ unholy
[00:58.33]He’s sat back while she’s droppin’ it
[01:01.25]She be poppin’ it
[01:03.11]Yeah, she put it down slowly
[01:05.50]Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
[01:09.22]Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome so he can get that
[01:12.94]Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
[01:15.86]At the body shop
[01:17.72]Doin’ somethin’ unholy (Woo)
[01:20.11]Mm, daddy, daddy, if you want it, drop the addy (Yeah, yeah)
[01:23.76]Give me love, give me Fendi, my Balenciaga daddy
[01:27.10]You gon’ need to bag it up ’cause I’m spendin’ on Rodeo (Woo)
[01:30.55]You can watch me back it up, I’ll be gone in the A.M. (Yeah)
[01:34.27]And he, he get me Prada, get me Miu Miu like Rihanna (Ah)
[01:38.79]He always call me ’cause I never cause no drama
[01:42.24]And when you want it, baby, I know I got you covered
[01:45.96]And when you need it, baby, just jump under the covers (Yeah)
[01:49.41]Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot (Hot)
[01:52.87]At the body shop (Shop)
[01:54.46]Doin’ somethin’ unholy
[01:56.85]He’s sat back while she’s droppin’ it (She)
[02:00.04]She be poppin’ it (She)
[02:01.64]Yeah, she put it down slowly
[02:04.02]Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
[02:07.74]Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome so he can get that
[02:11.46]Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
[02:14.65]At the body shop (Ah)
[02:16.47]Doin’ somethin’ unholy (Unholy)
[02:20.62]Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh (Unholy)
[02:24.60]Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh (Unholy)
[02:28.02]Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh (Yeah, yeah)
[02:30.80]Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh

Do unholy lyrics promote negative values?

A few contend that unholy verses can desensitize audience members to viciousness or commend fiendish. As with any craftsmanship frame, control and deliberate are key. Verses that unequivocally support criminal plans or exercises cross moral lines. Be that as it may, unpleasant verses and chords that bring out a spooky temperament or investigate obscurity as a representation likely posture small hurt. As a craftsman, you must discover the proper adjustment for your message and group of onlookers.

Can I be sued for unholy lyrics?

In most cases, no. Artistic works like songs typically enjoy strong free speech protections. However, lyrics that directly incite violence or criminal behavior could increase legal liability. Defaming or personally attacking others may also lead to civil lawsuits. When in doubt, it’s best to avoid targeting any individual or group. Stick to more general creepy themes and you should avoid legal trouble.

And so we reach the end of this long and winding road through the devilish annals of music history. My journey into the unholy has been darkly enlightening, though perhaps not for the faint of heart or the humorless.

Whereas melodic ability and aptitude know no bounds, a few melodies were fashioned within the fires of hell—and implied to feed those same flares in audience members. I trust that you’ve found a modern appreciation for the horrifying musicality that exists all around us.

The other time you discover yourself murmuring a tune with a catchy refrain, pay consideration to the verses. You never know what evil assumptions may prowl underneath a song. In case this direction has instructed me anything, it’s that the devil has some of the most excellent melodies, indeed if they’re not continuously the foremost celestial. Shake on, my evil companions. The dim side is standing by.


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