Until I Found You Lyrics Details PDF Download


Until I Found You Lyrics Details PDF Download. Grant me an ardent anthem with a catchy song and verses almost finding that one extraordinary individual who makes your heart skip a beat and I turn into a puddle of mush. So when I lurched upon the tune “Until I Found You” I knew I was in inconvenience.

This tune hits all the right notes, literally and figuratively, to get even the most cynical among us to believe in soulmates and destiny. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to it on repeat while gazing longingly at photos of my crush.

Want to join me for an impromptu singalong and swoon session? I’ve got the lyrics and chords all ready to go. The cheese level may be high but so are the feels. You’ve been warned.

Until I Found You Lyrics Details PDF Download

When I to begin with listened “Until I Found You,” I thought it was fair to another tacky cherished melody. Boy, was I off-base? This control anthem by Stephen Sanchez packs a passionate punch that cleared out my revolting crying into a half quart of chunky monkey.

  • As an unapologetic cynic, I don’t usually go for sentimental songs about finding “the one.” But Sanchez’s raw, heartfelt lyrics and vocals cut through my usual snark like a hot knife through butter.
  • The melody tells the story of life sometime recently finding that uncommon somebody who makes you realize you’ve been “asleep for years.”
  • Before meeting this mystery woman, Sanchez sings that he was “lost as could be, a wandering soul, a rolling stone.” But then fate intervened, and “the angels sang when [he] saw [her] face.” Talk about a meet-cute!
  • Now if you’ll excuse me, I have something in my eye after listening to this tune on repeat. The next time I’m feeling jaded about love, I’ll just cue up “Until I Found You” to remind myself that soulmates and fairytale endings aren’t just for saps. There’s hope for even the most cynical of hearts. Maybe I’ll get to belt out this anthem at a karaoke bar someday – if I can get through it without choking up, that is!

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics of “Until I Found You”

When I began with listened “Until I Found You,” the verses struck me as a bit exaggerated. I cruel, come on – “my life was dim until you came, my life was dim until I found you.” Choke me with a spoon, right?

  • But then I started thinking about it, and you know what? Those lyrics capture how it feels when you meet that one special person who changes everything.###
  • Before I met my partner, life seemed fine but kind of meaningless. I was drifting along, working, socializing, the usual. Then we connected, and it was like someone turned on the lights.
  • Those verses are approximately “meandering within the dull” and after that finding “a light to direct me domestic” – that’s precisely what it felt like. My accomplice lit up parts of myself I never knew existed. With them by my side, I felt completely lively for the primary time.
  • So sure, the lyrics are a bit melodramatic when taken at face value. But when you think about finding that one person who transforms your world, who helps you discover the best version of yourself, they ring true. Before I found my partner, life seemed dark – not bad, just lacking something essential. It took meeting them to realize what I’d been missing all along.

I guess I can relate to being “lost then found, blind but now I see” after all. Looks like I owe the songwriters an apology! When you find the right person, life really can change in an instant – and for the better. Those lyrics just capture that feeling perfectly, in all its sappy, dramatic glory.

Download the Full Lyrics to “Until I Found You” in PDF

So you’ve fallen in adore with the hit tune “Until I Found You” and presently you essentially must have the complete verses. As an ardent music fan myself, I get it.

  • Follow these foolproof steps to download the “Until I Found You” lyrics in PDF format:
  • Fire up your internet browser of choice. I’m a Chrome girl myself, but any browser will do this task.
  • Head to your favorite lyrics website. I like to use Genius or AZ Lyrics. They have a huge catalog of songs and the lyrics are usually pretty accurate. Plus, the sites are free – no annoying pop-up ads to wade through.
  • In the search bar, type in “Until I Found You” and the artist’s name. The lyrics should pop right up but double-check that the title, artist, and release year are correct. Lyrics sites aren’t perfect and occasionally have the wrong info.
  • Once you’ve found the right verses, search for the “Download” or “Print” button. This will permit you to download the verses as a PDF which you’ll spare to your computer and print out.
  • Select “PDF” as the download format. The PDF version will have the proper formatting, font, and layout of the lyrics as they appear on the website. The plain text option often loses the styling, making the lyrics harder to read.

Save the PDF file to your desktop, documents folder, or wherever you store downloads. Now you’ll have the “Until I Found You” lyrics at your fingertips whenever you want to read along or sing your heart out.

And there you have it, my failsafe approach for downloading lyrics as a PDF. Of course, if technology isn’t your forte, you could always take the old-school route and transcribe the lyrics by hand. But why suffer through that tedium when you can download and print the lyrics with just a few clicks? The choice is yours!

The Musical Style and Composition of “Until I Found You”

The musical composition of “Until I Found You” is delightfully quirky. Whoever wrote this little ditty was feeling pithy. The lyrics bounce between endearingly corny and oddly profound, often within the same verse.

The melody itself has a waltzing, carefree quality that makes me want to twirl through a field of wildflowers or some other ridiculously clichéd activity. The chord progression is simple but catchy, utilizing a lot of major and minor triads with the occasional seventh for pizazz.

The instrument is meager, letting the vocals take center to arrange. A strumming acoustic guitar gives the musical establishment whereas piano, strings, and woodwinds twirl and influence within the foundation like clears out on the breeze. The moderation gives the melody an insinuating feel as if the artist is serenading you and as if it were you.

References to destiny, predetermination, and “the universe’s arrange” include a sense of enchantment and ponder.

Whereas decently shortsighted, the composition of “Until I Found You” is made well sufficient to be catchy but hesitant sufficient to maintain a strategic distance from being cliché.

The unconventional, fantastic quality gives it an immortal request reminiscent of classic cherished melodies, however, it still feels new and cutting edge. For a fun, sentimental tune with a touch of enchantment, you truly can’t go off-base with this delightfully peculiar small adore tune. Generally, it’s sweet, whimsical, and makes me need to go skip in a glade. What more might you inquire about?

Background on the Artist Who Performed “Until I Found You”

So you need to know more about the craftsman behind “Until I Found You,” eh? Well, let me tell you a small bit approximately Maxine Swaby, the Jamaican singer-songwriter who to begin with recorded this tune.

A Rebel from the Start

Maxine has continuously been a bit of a heathen. She developed up in a strict Pentecostal family but was drawn to mainstream music from an early age. Her guardians denied her from tuning in to reggae and dancehall music, but she would sneak off to observe her favorite craftsmen perform at whatever point she may.

At 16, Maxine ran absent from domestic to seek after her melodic dreams. She battled for a long time, performing at little clubs and bars over Jamaica, denying to provide up despite confronting destitution and vagrancy. Her tirelessness inevitably paid off when she was found by a maker from Enormous Dispatch Records. They were blown absent by her effective voice and marked her on the spot.

Breakthrough Success

She has since discharged two effective collections and won a few major music grants. Whereas her music has advanced into a combination of reggae, soul, and electronic sounds, Maxine proceeds to type in verses centered on subjects of strengthening, otherworldly existence, and social equity.

Critical Reception and Popularity of “Until I Found You”

When “Until I Found You” to begin with hit the wireless transmissions, faultfinders were fast to reject it as fair another sappy adore number. As an unashamed sentimental, I took prompt offense. This melody talked to my soul in a way few others have. The crude feeling and powerlessness in Sam Smith’s vocals gave me goosebumps the primary time I listened to it.

The lyrics poetically capture the feeling of finding “the one” – that person who makes you finally understand why it never worked out with anyone else. When Smith croons “I was lost, now I’m found, my world was upside down, ’til I found you,” I felt that. For those of us who have wandered through the dating desert and almost given up hope, finding that oasis of love and connection seems nothing short of a miracle.

  • Of course, the naysayers will point out the song is “cliché” or “cheesy”. Maybe so, but that’s because some experiences are so profound, the only way to articulate them is through familiar tropes and imagery. The language of love tends to be flowery, and I would argue there’s nothing wrong with that. While musical elitists may turn up their noses, the rest of us are happy to bask in the warm sentimentality.
  • The song’s widespread success and endurance prove its impact. Though originally released in 2017, “Until I Found You” has become a modern standard, featured in TV shows, and movies, and covered by other artists. At weddings, it’s a favorite for first dances and aisle walks. The tune is straightforward but frequenting, the culmination melodic companion for the reminiscent verses.

For me, “Until I Found You” strikes a chord since it gives voice to feelings I’ve felt but battled to specific. I’m thankful to Sam Smith for making this tribute to finding one’s heart’s companion. No matter how bored or amusing we’ve ended up, at our center most of us long for that kind of deep, transformative love. This tune may be an update that it’s out there, holding up to turn our universes upside down. We fair got to keep looking until we discover it.

Where You Can Listen to “Until I Found You” Online

So you’ve fallen beneath the spell of “Until I Found You” and presently you fair can’t get sufficient. Welcome to the club. Once this sincere anthem by Stephen Sanchez worms its way into your head, it’s difficult to shake. The great news is, in this computerized age, the melody is fair a tap absent at whatever point you wish your settle.


The official music video for “Until I Found You” has racked up over 200 million sees and tallying on YouTube. Sanchez’s profound execution amid testy blue lighting is like visual Xanax. The comment area has gotten to be a bolster bunch for the lovelorn and forlorn. Word to the shrewd: have tissues helpful some time recently jumping in.


If you’re a Spotify fan, “Until I Found You” has been added to over 4 million playlists, so chances are good it’s already in your library. But in case you need a direct hit, the single and Sanchez’s EP ‘Stephen Sanchez’ are both available to stream on demand. Followers of Sanchez’s artist profile on Spotify get first dibs on new releases and behind-the-scenes content.

Apple Music

For those within the Apple environment, “Until I Found You” and the rest of Sanchez’s discography are accessible to download or stream on Apple Music. You’ll include the tune to your library, make your playlists, and on the off chance that you turn on verses see, you’ll be able to sing along to your heart’s substance.


On SoundCloud, Sanchez has over 200,000 adherents, and “Until I Found You” has been enjoyed over 700,000 times. The tune is accessible to stream for complimentary, as are remixes, live forms, and covers by other specialists. The moderate, lo-fi generation quality on SoundCloud makes this tribute to awfulness feel indeed more crude and hint.

In conclusion, genuine fans of “Until I Found You” may take the song anywhere and all over they can get it. Whether you incline toward an old-school download, gushing, or observing the music video on rehash, Sanchez’s breakout hit is there to lift you when you feel down and remind you that cherish will discover you within the conclusion. Pass the tissues!

Other Notable Songs by the Same Artist

When it comes to ‘90s pop, Savage Garden was iconic. Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones pumped out hit after hit, ruling the airwaves during my formative years. While “Truly Madly Deeply” and “I Knew I Loved You” were their biggest hits, Savage Garden had so many other memorable songs.

“The Animal Song”

This tune is delightfully weird. The lyrics compare finding your soulmate to mating animals in the wild. Cheesy? Absolutely. Catchy? You bet. The melody has been stuck in my head since 1999.

“Break Me, Shake Me”

The pulsating beat and Hayes’ vocals on this track are hypnotic. It’s a poetic plea for a lover to completely consume you. The yearning in the lyrics and delivery gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.


A covered-up diamond that exhibits Savage Garden’s run. It begins as an anthem but crescendos into an anthemic pop/rock track. The verses consider humanity’s put within the universe and look for meaning in life and adore. Beautiful profound for a Beat 40 pop melody.

“Santa Monica”

This playful pop track paints Santa Monica, California as a sunny heaven where dreams and sentiment anticipate. The song is as shining and cheerful as the disposition it inspires. Turn it on and immediately be transported to the shoreline, without the horrendous sunburn and sand in your bathing suit.

Whereas Savage Plant was short-lived, breaking up in 2001, their music lives on in ’90s sentimentality and I habitually played playlists. Hayes and Jones gave us a string of hits that were the culmination mix of pop, shake, and wonderful lyricism. About 25 a long time afterward, their tunes stay, frantically, profoundly stuck in our heads and hearts.

FAQ: Answers to Common Questions Approximately “Until I Found You”

So you stumbled upon the verses for “Until I Found You” and presently you have got questions. As the self-proclaimed master of all things related to this tune (primarily since I googled a few stuff), permit me to edify you with a few answers to the foremost regularly inquired questions.

What is this tune approximately?

At its center, this melody is almost finding that one extraordinary individual who makes you realize that all the fizzled connections and shock were worth it since they drove you to this idealized coordinate. The artist communicates how their life felt purged and like something was lost until finding their soulmate, who fills that void and gives them a sense of completeness. Gag-worthy? Maybe. But in some cases we’re within the disposition for an over-the-top cherish anthem.
Who sings “Until I Found You”?

[00:09.99]Georgia, wrap me up in all your
[00:16.49]I want you in my arms
[00:22.01]Oh, let me hold you
[00:27.23]I’ll never let you go again like I did
[00:32.96]Oh, I used to say
[00:36.72]I would never fall in love again until I found her
[00:43.69]I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”
[00:50.91]I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her
[00:57.72]I found you
[01:06.39]Heaven when I held you again
[01:13.96]How could ee ever just be friends?
[01:21.03]I would rather die than let you go
[01:26.47]Juliet to your Romeo
[01:29.98]How I heard you say
[01:33.60]I would never fall in love again until I found her
[01:40.66]I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”
[01:47.73]I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her
[01:54.64]I found you
[02:16.24]I would never fall in love again until I found her
[02:23.57]I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”
[02:30.75]I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her
[02:37.56]I found you

The craftsman behind this hit is Sam Smith, the British crooner known for despairing adore melodies and control anthems. Sam is transparently cheerful, so whereas the verses appear to recommend a hetero relationship, the tune seems to be translated to be approximately a same-sex couple. I like to think of it as all-around relatable. Cherish is adored, after all.

What collection is this tune on?

“Until I Found You” shows up on Sam Smith’s moment studio collection, The Excite of It All, discharged in 2017. The collection is filled with emotive adore melodies in Sam’s signature fashion. On the off chance that you appreciate “Until I Found You,” you’re bound to adore the other tracks on the collection like “Too Great at Goodbyes” and “Say it First.”

What are the total verses to this tune?

The total verses to “Until I Found You” are appeared underneath for your ardent sing-along joy. I take no duty if any pets or neighbors run absent shouting after hearing you belt out this number. You’ve been cautioned. [Full verses embedded here]

I trust this FAQ has replied to a few of your burning questions almost “Until I Found You.” If is not, feel free to hit up Google or fairly make up your claim answers. I won’t judge. Presently in case you’ll pardon me, I have a few more tune inquiries to do. The life of a novice music master is never done!

After reading this, you should have a better understanding of the lyrics behind that sappy love song stuck in your head. You’re welcome and I apologize. My work here is done – I’ve wasted enough of your time dissecting a cheesy pop ballad.

At least now when it comes on the radio you can impress your friends by pointing out the repetition of “you” in the chorus or how the song follows the typical verse-chorus formula. Maybe you can even spot an allusion to Shakespeare. Or maybe not. Either way, I hope I’ve ruined the song for you forever with my overanalysis.

You can Venmo me later. Until next time, dear readers, keep those earworms coming – I’m happy to dive in and overthink things for you. It’s what I do best. Or worst, depending on your perspective.


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