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Why Did Andy Cohen Call Lala Kent Lala from Vanderpump Valley

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When Bravo executive Andy Cohen recently referred to Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent as Lala from Vanderpump Valley, he seemed to be insinuating that she might soon get her reality show. But what does the unofficial Mayor of West Hollywood have to say about this possible spinoff? Read on to find out!

In a recent episode of her Vanderpump Rules web series, Straight Up with Lala Kent, Kent addressed these rumors and went in-depth on why it may be too soon for any news regarding a spinoff. She explained that the entire cast is still in recovery mode, having just finished filming season seven of Vanderpump Rules last year.

Furthermore, she revealed that most cast members aren’t even speaking to each other at present. Everybody is so busy with their lives right now. Kent also mentioned that she has no idea if there will ever be another season of Vanderpump Rules, as nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes.

I don’t know anything more than you guys do, she confessed. They keep us in the dark… they throw us scraps and we fight over them like hyenas! So I have no idea! If they make a spinoff or not! It might happen! Who knows?! They never tell us anything!

Cohen may be hinting at a follow-up show with Kent, considering he called her Lala from Vanderpump Valley. The trouble is that Lala Kent doesn’t live in Vanderpump anymore; she lives in Los Angeles now.

Her last appearance on Bravo was in April when she attended Scheana Marie’s birthday party. So, does that mean Cohen is teasing a brand new location for Kentucky-born Kent, or will a new installment focus on those who have recently departed?

The recent news about Kristen Doute and James Kennedy leads us to believe that it might be a prequel rather than a sequel. Perhaps Cohen is saying that Lala would need to head back to SUR if she ever wanted another spinoff series.

Fans thought Cohen meant that there was going to be a new show titled Vanderpump Valley, but then later changed their minds because of what he said next. Kent Addresses Vanderpump Rules Spinoff Lala That’s why many people came up with their conclusions as to what Cohen meant by his comment.

However, they were soon put out of their misery when The Hollywood Reporter revealed that it wasn’t going to happen after all. One fan even suggested an idea for a possible name change: Vanderhoof.

After months of waiting, we finally got some details about a possible Vanderpump Rules spinoff thanks to both Radar Online and Perez Hilton. It seems like Cohen isn’t joking around about wanting one after all! On Monday night (July 16), Perez tweeted, Guess what I just heard?! There could be a #PumpRules spin-!!! Omg!!! It’s so exciting!

Why Did Andy Cohen Call Lala Kent Lala from Vanderpump Valley?

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent recently addressed why Andy Cohen called her Lala from Vanderpump Valley during a Watch What Happens Live segment. She told ET on Saturday that she’s not going to be a part of any possible spinoff show, but that it was funny to hear him say it.

The Vanderpump star added that she would have loved to do a spinoff series about her and Patrick Meagher, but that for now, she is content with how things are going in her life. This part should talk about – rumors:

Lala Kent just cleared up some rumors surrounding what it’s like filming Vanderpump Rules as well as her relationship with boyfriend Randall Emmett — or lack thereof. During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday night, April 22, host.

Andy Cohen accidentally referred to Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent as Lala from Vanderpump Valley. This has led many fans to wonder if there will be a spin-off featuring only Lala, but according to Kent herself, there won’t be one. No… I don’t think so, she told ET at DailyMailTV Summer Party in Los Angeles last week when asked if there will ever be a show dedicated solely to her.

However, we’ll get to see more of Lala on Vanderpump Rules Season 7 next year! Earlier in his conversation with Kent, Cohen made sure to clarify that he wasn’t trying to start any trouble by mistakenly calling her Lala from Vavderpump Valley. The Vanderpump Rules star went on Twitter earlier today (April 23) and clarified exactly what happened.

Was Andy Cohen the first person to mention Vanderpump Valley?

Yes, Andy Cohen was the first person to mention Vanderpump Valley on Vanderpump Rules and on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He mentioned it when he was asking Lisa Vanderpump about the rumors that Jax Taylor had cheated on Brittany Cartwright with a girl named Tessa.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Andy also asked LVP if there’s a valley between her and Jax, who she referred to as the most amazing person. He also joked that maybe they could make a spinoff show called Vanderpump Valley:

The Next Generation. It seems to have been said in jest by the host of Bravo TV’s, Watch What Happens Life! This part should talk about -Was Andy Cohen joking or serious?: When Andy Cohen made his joke, it seemed like he was joking.

This part should talk about -What is Vanderpump Valley?: In case you are wondering what is Vanderpump Valley, you might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t exist yet.

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